We bring the same passion to the controlled environment of the photography studio when creating images of products or people as we do on any location. First  the finished image concept is conceived. Then it is a matter of sculpting the light and working other elements of composition to achieve that vision.  We will help our commercial clients define and establish clear objectives and then research and create the images that take your vision to entirely new heights.

Our studio portraiture stands out by balancing natural intuition with an ongoing exploration of nonverbal communication. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more. Our focus will be in helping you determine the combination that best reflects you. We aspire to capture the real emotion and true moods and personalities in our portraits. We always go a little further to provide you with a new perspective and an unparalleled experience.

The studio is conveniently located on Route 4 in Farmington Connecticut, along the Farmington River.

Feel free to contact me at the studio for discuss your project and availability.

We invite you to visit our galleries and recent projects for more information.  Feel free to visit our wedding or Education site using the link below.