Corporate – Environmental Portraits

An excellent portrait of an individual in the environment they call their own can often be an amazing picture story, evoking the curiosity and stimulating one’s imagination. The Corporate Environmental Portrait may be a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, a professor, an artist, medical professional, or a person from any background.  Still, everybody has something to share and a strong portrait reveals a fascinating insight into an individual’s personality and their perspective on life.

In the Corporate world an individual’s personality can be expressed through an image.  Posed or candid, imaginative angles and unique perspectives can be very informative.  A good on-site corporate environmental portraiture reveals the heart and soul of your business culture, communicates important values and relationships, and bring potential clients to a fuller understanding of why they should consider a relationship with your business.  Evocative imagery showcases your brand and enhances your corporate identity.

My unique photographic style captures the true character of any subject and works in concert with key marketing strategies. These  photographic techniques will showcase your vision and values.  As a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in corporate photography, I have a creative, original appreciation for the way environments speak to us and I convey this message through vibrant, dynamic imagery.

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