People and their Passions

I have always been fascinated with unique individuals, my inspiration for this evolving book project appropriately titled People and their Passions. Our world is quickly changing in this electronic age. Conformity is now the norm. The cultures of the old, the forgotten are left behind in the dust of time.

In my travels I always have an eye for yet another old world artisan, or some dying breed, rugged individualist whose passion for what they do is integral with who they are.  Whether we agree or disagree about their philosophy, these rare characters stubbornly refuse to conform, valuing time-honored traditions that require difficult methods and long hours, consuming days and even months and years. It is their Passion.

The reward of their particular craft is measured by the pride and quality of the end result, rather than doing it cheaper and faster for financial benefit.  This is a perspective I find not only refreshing but precious and is the reason I feel the need they should be documented.  As in an extinct breed, one day we will look back and realize the treasure we lost.

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