Travel/Stock Photos

In my career I have been fortunate to travel extensively, shaping my personal vision and integrating this life experience into my work. Dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland (EEC) allows me to move freely throughout the American, European and Latin cultures. Spanish is my second language. Consequently I have delevoped an extensive travel stock photography file.

As a travel photographer, my studio is the world, the only equipment required is a camera and a willingness to look for new perspectives. Lighting comes courtesy of whatever is available; sun, sky, tungsten and neon.  The adventure is not restricted by subject or location, only by an obligation to document the world with honesty and compassion.  More than just exotic locations and wild adventures, travel photography is about seeing our surroundings with fresh eyes and childlike enthusiasm.

Fascinated with the variety of customs and cultures of the world, it is my passion to capture the heart and soul of a regions culture, people and customs.  Both for assignment and stock photography purposes, my work has appeared in publications around the world including National Geographic Traveler Magazine.

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