What is Your Honeymoon Style? Take the Quiz… Don’t know where to go for your honeymoon? Get out your pencils and take my short quiz to find out what honeymoon style suits you.

Cape Cod sunset

Honeymoon Cape Cod Sunset

Before you begin collecting travel brochures, determine what is your honeymoon style.  Take the quiz.

Planning the honeymoon for my wife and I was an exciting time. Knowing that it was going to be just what we needed after all the hectic months leading up to the wedding was a wrap, was really something to look forward to. 

Making sure we chose the right style Honeymoon which suited both our personalities was a very important decision to start our new life off together.   

I hope my extensive travel experience as a photographer working with such publications as National Geographic helps your honeymoon be extra special.  Feel free to get in touch if you have any specific questions.  Stay tuned, as I will follow up with more travel tips to make your honeymoon spectacular. 


Yes, the honeymoon—it’s the ultimate vacation, the best (and most romantic) trip of your life and your reward after all the planning and stressing over your big day. But like photography, wedding gowns, chocolate and entertainment options, not all honeymoon destinations are created equal. Pick the right place and you’ll relish the memories for years to come. Here, my handy honeymoon quiz to help you decide where to begin your happily ever after.

1. Your wedding venue is:

A) The great outdoors. Be it in a field of flowers or beneath a canopy of shady trees, it’s a natural fit for you and yours.
B) By the shore. You’re swept away at the thought of walking down a sandy aisle and exchanging vows to the sound of the surf.
C) An urban penthouse. Sleek furniture, classical music and art are a few of your favorite things.
D) Your own (or a friend’s) backyard. DIY is definitely your thing, and you love an eclectic mix of music and foods from around the world.

2. Your favorite movie is:

A) Out of Africa. Epic scenery and a memorable love story fit your sweeping vision of life.
B) Dirty Dancing. This classic feel-good summer romance movie always gives you a lift.
C) Roman Holiday. The Trevi fountain, Audrey Hepburn on a motorino and her love interest, Gregory Peck? Never to be outdone.
D) Slumdog Millionaire. India’s Bollywood takes center stage across the world.

3. Your favorite meal is:

A) Eco-friendly. Garden-grown fruits and vegetables and other locally sourced ingredients are the key to fabulous food.
B) No fuss, no muss. For you, the best meal is a juicy burger or a take-out pizza from your favorite neighborhood store.
C) Gourmet all the way. Filet mignon, duck confit and champagne: Only the best will do.
D) Spicy and exotic. Indian-fusion, tasty Thai, piquant Vietnamese—all satisfy your yearning for novelty.

4. Your ideal day includes:

A) A walk in the woods. Once the sun rises, you’re up and at ’em on a jog with your dog. Then it’s off to the park for a picnic lunch and bike ride. Dinner is BBQ with your guy.
B) Maxin’ and relaxin.’ You love kicking back by the pool and catching up on the latest romance novel. A couple’s massage and dinner under the stars are also on the menu.
C) Champagne brunch. After that, you’ll take off for an afternoon of gallery hopping and perhaps an evening at the ballet.
D) Morning yoga. Later, you’ll enjoy chai tea and the newspaper at a local coffeehouse. At night, you and your fiancé like to meet for the latest world music concerts.

5. Your guy’s faves:

A) Tevas, a local brew, carabiner
 B) Topsiders, an ice-cold Corona with lime, Jet Ski
 C) Loafers, Scotch, golf club
 D) Hiking boots, absinthe, GPS

Now, check over your answers to see if you’ve answered mostly A’s, B’s, C’s, or D’s

              If You Chose Mostly A’s…

Action and adventure is the name of your game! You love to hike, bike and kayak. Sure, you can honeymoon in a national park, but check out adventure spas like Red Mountain in Utah and Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming, both of which offer activities, scenery and a whole lot of relaxation. Also, research certified green resorts, which ofter offer active excursions and local food.

If You Chose Mostly B’s…

Did someone say beach bum? You can happily kick back at any oceanfront spot. Choose an all-inclusive (any Sandals property, or one of the Zoetry resorts scattered across the Caribbean), so you don’t have to carry your wallet.

If You Chose Mostly C’s…

Classic cities—think Rome, Paris and New York—give you an adrenaline rush. You can view all the art exhibitions and try the hottest restaurants in town. And if you’re looking to stretch a dollar, check out legendary cities with a twist, like Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

If You Chose Mostly D’s…

Off-the-beaten path is your choice. You crave experiencing different cultures, with their intriguing sights and sounds, and exotic foods. And since many of these spots are off the tourist radar, they are also wallet-friendly. Countries like Morocco and Costa Rica are ripe for exploration.

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John has been photographing weddings for over 20 years. His style is that of a photojournalist, which is a candid, spontaneous and unobtrusive approach. "This is the best way to achieve natural images, by capturing the unexpected fleeting moments that cannot be planned and will disappear in a heartbeat. It is a joy to preserve such monumental moments in a couple’s life while maintaining a low profile. " Because of this approach, John's photographs, more than any other style, become cherished memories. Balanced with his commercial work, John limits the number of weddings each year. This allows him to give greater attention to each wedding, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable day and higher quality memories. John consults and works with each couple beforehand, getting to know them personally, so he can understand their vision before their big day. "This pre-planning tunes me into every client’s personality, the extra effort alway show in the work." Most clients prefer a combination of candid and posed images, and in both you will enjoy dynamic and unique images that capture the spirit and joy of the most important day of your life.