Options to consider making to your rainy wedding day memorable.

Rainy wedding on Block Island

Rainy wedding Day on Block Island

The reality is that mother nature has a mind of its her own and sometimes unexpected weather hits. Therefore it is wise to keep the possibility of rain in the back of your mind during your venue search. If you’re set on getting married outdoors, try looking for a venue that has an indoor option on the property as well as one that can be used in case there is sudden rain. That way you have a backup option that won’t break the bank! However, if you absolutely fall in love with an outdoor venue, be sure to check into the costs of renting a tent or having another creative plan B factored into your budget from the beginning.

If it does rain on your wedding day, make the most of it — throw on a pair of cute rain boots, grab a colorful umbrella and capture some fun shots outside.

I was involved as a photographer during an outdoor wedding a couple years ago which was forecast to have periodic downpours.  Every brides nightmare.  We were able to locate a novelty shop that put together 100 large umbrella.  Going a step further we had them monogrammed with the Bride and Grooms name and date.  Everyone stayed dry, had a great time cuddling beneath the umbrellas and went home with a wonderful keepsake.  Everyone will fondly remember that wedding for years to come.

With a little creativity you can make it a memorable beautiful day.  Even if the weather will not cooperate, you can make lemonade from those lemons. Be sure you have discussed rain options with your photographer.  Some refuse to expose themselves or their equipment to the elements.  So be sure to select a photographer with a sense of adventure and a helpful attitude.  After all, they say rain on your wedding day brings good luck, so embrace it!

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John has been photographing weddings for over 20 years. His style is that of a photojournalist, which is a candid, spontaneous and unobtrusive approach. "This is the best way to achieve natural images, by capturing the unexpected fleeting moments that cannot be planned and will disappear in a heartbeat. It is a joy to preserve such monumental moments in a couple’s life while maintaining a low profile. " Because of this approach, John's photographs, more than any other style, become cherished memories. Balanced with his commercial work, John limits the number of weddings each year. This allows him to give greater attention to each wedding, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable day and higher quality memories. John consults and works with each couple beforehand, getting to know them personally, so he can understand their vision before their big day. "This pre-planning tunes me into every client’s personality, the extra effort alway show in the work." Most clients prefer a combination of candid and posed images, and in both you will enjoy dynamic and unique images that capture the spirit and joy of the most important day of your life.